GMC brings back the legendary Hummer in 2022 – as an electric variant


Hummer and electric? For many, that may sound like pineapple on a pizza. However, GMC is making this notion come true. An electric variant of the legendary Hummer EV is to be launched in the fall of 2021. It will also compete directly in the Extreme E off-road series.

The Hummer – for many SUV fans a fascinating, powerful car, but with the downside of consuming a lot of fuel. A clear obstacle, especially in these times. That’s why General Motors’ subsidiary – GMC – is now developing an electrically powered Hummer. This is to be launched on the market in the fall of 2021 and compete directly in the Extreme E off-road series.

Hummer EV Extreme E Preseason Testing


For critics, the question arises as to how this is supposed to go well; after all, the design of many e-cars is still often a major point of criticism. However, GMC took the legendary Hummer EV as a reference. Thus, the car’s angular design, the bumpers with massive tow hooks, the cladding for the wheel arches or the XXL exterior mirrors are definitely Hummer-worthy. Particularly striking is the light bar on which the new Hummer lettering is located.

It´s for a reason that such a vehicle would be used directly in a competition – more precisely in the Extreme E off-road series. The car boasts a whopping 550 hp. Thanks to three electric motors, it even manages a torque of 15,600 Newton meters. That means it reaches the 100 km/h mark in three seconds.

“It’s truly an honor to represent GMC, especially at such an exciting time in auto racing,” says CGR team owner Chip Ganassi, continuing, “The new GMC HUMMER EV will fundamentally change the world’s view of off-road EV capabilities, and we couldn’t be prouder to represent GMC in such an innovative new series.”

Extreme E kicks off in 2021 with five races around the globe. Among them are some prominent names, such as former Formula One world champion Jenson Button.