Facelift and more than 1,000 hp for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S

Hard to believe: The Tesla Model S has been on the market now since 2012. The sporty sedan is now getting another facelift and a new powertrain with over 1,000 hp.

On the outside, the Tesla Model S looks smoother and tidier. The interior is much more elegantly designed than before, and as a special feature the Tesla Model S gets an new steering “wheel” that takes the place of the classic steering wheel. Incidentally, the VW Group had been considering a similar idea internally for a long time, but they failed to be the first to launch it on the market.

Tesla Model S available in three variants

The theoretical driving performance of the Model S, which is available in three variants, is beyond any doubt: Even the basic version with the nice designation “Maximum Range” is supposed to be able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, and the top speed is 250 km/h. The “Plaid” model with three engines and 1020 hp (750 kW) needs just 2.1 seconds for the standard sprint according to factory specifications and manages 322 km/h. And finally, there is the “Plaid +” model with more than 1100 hp (810 kW) and acceleration that Tesla states as only “under 2.1 seconds.” The ranges are supposed to be 663, 628 and 837 kilometers, respectively – assuming a very restrained driving style.


It remains to be seen how realistic the manufacturer’s claims are: Typically, acceleration in Tesla models drops off significantly after the initial tests, and the vehicles are often unable to maintain the stated top speed.

Incidentally, the changes will also be rolled out to the Model X equipped with eye-catching gullwing doors. Here, however, the ranges are lower, and the Plaid version already limits itself at 262 km/h. The Plaid+ variant is not available here. And while the cockpit has also been renewed, the modifications to the exterior are restrained.

By the way, the name “Plaid” is a reference to the science fiction comedy “Spaceballs”. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is said to be an aficionado of the 1987 Star Wars spoof.

For the Model S, prices start at 86,990 euros for the entry-level version, 119,990 euros for the Plaid and 139,990 euros for the Plaid + variant. Those who order all the extras – including the so-called “Autopilot” – have to invest 158,700 euros. The Model X costs 95,990 euros without extras or 116,990 euros (Plaid).

Images: Tesla