Beyond Racing is the Online Magazine for Sports Car and Racing Enthusiasts. Together with our communities which include more than 20,000 Followers on Facebook and Twitter we explore the future of sustainable Racing and Sports Cars.

As a Motor Journalist, Engineer and Trackday Driver, I am driven by the question about how the Sports Cars and Motorsports of the future will look like. Is environmentally friendly and socially accepted Motorsports possible? And can it deliver the emotions that are so important to every Motorsports fan?

I was missing a medium that features the technologies in detail that will make Motorsports and Sports Cars of the future possible. That’s why I founded Beyond Racing in early 2021.

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Moritz Nolte
Germany, in April 2021

Editorial staff

Moritz Nolte

  • Industrial Engineer (Dipl. Wirt.-Ing., FH)
  • Motor Journalist and Writer for Automotive Companies
  • Focus on Sports Cars, Technology, High Performance Applications and Motorsports
  • Content Marketing Entrepreneur
  • +15 years of professional experience
  • Extensive references from Automotive Manufacturers to leading Automotive Suppliers

Sven Grunwald

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Journalist and Lexturer
  • Focus on Sports and Automotive
  • +10 years of professional experience

Robert Krippgans

  • Blogger and Entrepreneur
  • Focus on Automotive
  • +10 years of professional experience